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Parking Lot Maintenance

No matter the what size of your business, your parking lot is a significant investment. Proper installation is only one factor in determining how long that investment will last. The climate in Arkansas provides some of the worst conditions for parking lots due to our freeze/thaw cycles and snow removal techniques. However, regardless of weather conditions, a parking lot’s surface will become rough, a condition known as raveling, about 3-4 years after installation.

Maintenance is key to preserving your parking lot and your investment. With proper maintenance, you can expect your parking lot to last 20–30 years or more. Parking lot maintenance can include asphalt patching, full depth repairs, partial depth repairs, seal coating, crack sealing, and pavement markings. 

ACMC works with you to create a maintenance plan for your parking lots. We work within your budget to schedule routine maintenance and prioritize necessary repairs. Whether your goal is to improve the look of your property, eliminate liability risks, or simply ensure the longevity of your parking lot, we will customize a plan for you.

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