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Gator Crack Sealing

A crack sealant is often the first barrier against pavement deterioration. Well-laid crack sealant keeps water from entering the pavement, preventing weakening of the base or sub-base. It also prevents dirt and sand from working their way into the open cracks, which can lead to compressive stresses on the pavement. When used in combination with close attention to fractures and careful maintenance, crack sealing will slow the progression of any cracks and extend the longevity of the pavement.

GATOR SEAL is a product that is a trowel grade crack sealant. It is designed to fill in spider webbed areas in parking lots, AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT LOOSE AND FALLING OUT OF THE LOT. This will in most cases seal out the elements for approx a year. We normally use this under our seal coat on most parking lots and driveways.

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